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“In each canvas, I attempt to create a mystery, a silence; things that are left untold.

As a result, the viewer is able to discover their own universe by projecting their own culture

and dreams. The notion of time plays a part. However, it is about a slow time, as if

stretched into eternity."

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The World's Biggest

Oil Painting

"It was whilst flying at 37,500ft en route to Osaka, Japan, that I first conceived the concept of what is the largest painting in the world".

It took three years of meticulous planning to meet this challenge, involving three increasingly large scale drawings in black and white. Apart from the idea and the composition of the painting, the main difficulty during this period of time was to realise a balanced, harmonious work of art.

To Gérard Di-Maccio, this artwork represents an important milestone, which he refers to as the "Grande Toile".

View the full "Grande Toile" below.

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Through out his life, Gérard Di-Maccio has moved to a different home many times. As a result, he has had to move his workshops and ateliers to many different locations.

His first atelier, at the age of fifteen, was his bedroom on the thirteenth floor of a residential building in Alger.

Today, Di-Maccio has his atelier in Belgium. It is surrounded by an acre of natural forest land. The atelier itself, has two large bay-windows on either side, allowing Di-Maccio to connect with nature, which he says intensifies his creativity.

Gérard Di-Maccio's atelier in London is open to public visits any time of the year. Request a visit below.



Di-Maccio offers a variety of different artworks. Please click below to view available artworks. Alternatively, please contact us for more information regarding unlisted artworks or for a purchase enquiry.