Di-Maccio's indefinable creatures challenge us and question us. A perfect knowledge of anatomy confers diverting credibility on his imaginary creatures. Worthy of the great masters of the Renaissance, the precision of the anatomical details allow him to express with maturity art works for the 21st century.

The architecture in Di-Maccio's personal universe makes him one of the great contemporary visionary painters. The panoramas in his works invite us on a mysterious journey in a timeless, weightless world. The artist opens new horizons to us and states a new principal reality.

Superb technique and great knowledge of cultures give Di-Maccio's paintings great power allied to an immaterial spatiality. His art works bring to mind the great artists of the past, transporting them in a future without frontiers while addressing directly our collective subconscious.

Di-Maccio pours all of his energy into the passion of his art: his creativity is stimulated by the great composers, Verdi, Mozart, Handel whose masterpieces stimulate his artistic talents, expanding his horizons, elevating him to yet bigger heights where the artist and the artwork become almost as one - desiring perfection.

Therefore, Di-Maccio attempts to destroy the myth of the suffering artist, painting at night, ill, alcoholic, bankrupt. His lifestyle is very different. To keep fit he plays tennis, and neither drinks nor smokes, he eats a balanced diet. Working regular hours, Di-Maccio is then able to give the best of himself.