Early Life

Gérard Di-Maccio was born in Algeria when it was still a French colony, back in 1938. He studied art from the young age of 14. His grand-father was his first admirer who motivated the young boy by hanging his first painting in his shop window.

Di-Maccio’s parents, being aware of the passion and talent of their oldest son, decided to leave their home to move to Paris. Several years later, the great achievements of their son proved to them that moving to Paris was the right choice. The move allowed the young artist to develop his talent.

young gérard large


In Paris, Di-Maccio studied art at the prestigious 'Académie des Beaux Arts' and by the age of 16, he had already begun to establish himself as an exceptional and noteworthy artist. His initial fame came from the illustrations for children's books edited by some of France's most famous editors, such as Castermans, Hachette and Bias.

In 1965, he won France's highly competitive examination to become Professor at the Beaux Arts Academy in Paris. His victory was due to his thesis about Morpho-psychology.
Click below to see the full thesis created by Di-Maccio in 1964.


First Exhibitions

Throughout his teaching career, Di-Maccio developed his own artistic style. His initial exhibitions in Paris earned him first prize in group shows on numerous occasions. His first solo exhibition was in Belgium and later in Paris, where he became a leading artist. By 1979, the artist decided it was time to dedicate himself exclusively to his creative urge, and express himself on canvas. He left his teaching career.

His first exhibition during this period was at the prestigious RA gallery in the historical centre of Paris. It was a tremendous success.

Soon after, Di-Maccio was recognised as the leading artist of a new artistic movement, referred to by the press as "Visionary Art". He has remained to present time the leading figure in this movement for other visionary artists and interested art collectors all over the world. His annual exhibitions have consistently been highly acclaimed by the entire French art world, one of the leading international art hubs.

Timeline of Achievements

The French media have dedicated substantial attention to Di-Maccio's artwork. Similarly, the media in the USA, across Europe, Northern Africa and throughout Japan have also put focus on his artwork.

Di-Maccio has achieved extensive and highly regarded accomplishments in the art world:

• He has participated in major international art events, such as the international art fairs in London, Stockholm and Geneva.
• In 1986, a Japanese art collector started one of the most important Di-Maccio collections in the world, consisting of more than 220 of his paintings, including several major artworks and his "Grande Toile" (27m x 9m), which was created in 1997.
• Private art collectors in Paris have collections of Di-Maccio's artwork exceeding 100
of his paintings.
• In 1988, in Japan, the first itinerant Di-Maccio exhibition was organized and received more than 200,000 visitors in six months. Mr. Mitsutoshi Morino, Japanese art expert and Senior Project Manager of the Cultural Department of the major Japanese newspaper Asahi Shium) writes:

Mitsutoshi Morino

Art Expert

“In 1992-1993, I held Di-Maccio’s Exhibition again in Japan, in 8 cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and received a very high praise of popularity. The total number of visitors at 8 cities was about 250,000” and “the exhibition catalogue (…) was sold about 20,000 times”. “As a person who has been so impressed for a long time with his work and his dense expressions (…) It is my opinion that Mr. Di-Maccio is an artist of extraordinary ability with sustained international acclaim”.

• His artwork has graced the covers of Japanese major media (Asahi Shinbum), as well as major publications in France, Europe and the USA.
• In 1992, a Japanese art collector initiated the project to create a museum exclusively dedicated to Di-Maccio's artwork, achieved in 2010.
• Di-Maccio created the first artistic holographic work thus combining a scientific and artistic
approach of techniques.
• He created the largest oil painting in the world which is permanently exhibited in the Di-Maccio Museum in Japan.
• He has exhibited his art in the most prestigious art galleries in Paris and has been invited to be guest of honour at local group exhibitions throughout Europe.
• He created a highly professional fine arts school and an art gallery/cultural center in Carthage.
• He has been awarded the title of "Knight of the Arts" in recognition of his brilliant art career.
• He has won numerous medals awarded by different presidents across the world for his extraordinary artistic talents.
• He is permanently represented by several international agents and art galleries world-wide and in France,
including in Paris, Saint-Paul de Vence, Cannes, Honfleur, Courchevelle, Mégève,
Agen, Toulouse, Arcachon, Clermont-Ferrand and Lille.
• Six of his artwork books have been published.